French family tours Turkey on caravan

French family tours Turkey on caravan

French family tours Turkey on caravan

A French photographer is touring Turkey on a caravan with his family, while photographing and documenting the journey.

Fifty-eight-year-old Eric Guedeney, an artist, said he entered Turkey from one of the only two provinces bordering Europe, Edirne, two and a half months ago. Now, they’re in Antalya and have been admiring the country.

The family bought a caravan after selling everything they owned in France two years ago. They came to Turkey after traveling in Italy, Albania, North Macedonia and Greece.

The family first visited Istanbul, Turkey’s heart, and departed for the Aegean coastline to follow a route that they eventually believe will take them to Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and China.

On their return from China, the family will travel via Turkey again, but this time taking the Black Sea coastline, Guedeney said.

Traveling some 9,000 kilometers until now, he noted, “I take pictures and videos and sell them to the French media. This is how we make a living.”

He and his wife, Joella Bazal, said they want to stay in Turkey a little longer, for at least a year.

“I am promoting Turkey with my photos and videos,” he added.

They also have a plan not to return to France ever again, the photographer said.

“Turkey is so rich with its beauties that as a photographer I can stay longer and longer. We may not go back to France. We are also telling our friends in France to come to Turkey.”