Former COVID-19 patients donating immune plasma

Former COVID-19 patients donating immune plasma

ISTANBUL- Anadolu Agency
Former COVID-19 patients donating immune plasma

Patients who have recovered from the coronavirus have been mobilizing to donate immune plasma to help others with treatment, according to the head of the Turkish Red Crescent.

Dr. Kerem Kınık said on April 24 more than 800 immune plasma components were made available to the ministry of health and university hospitals.

"Our teams have now contacted 3,000 healed citizens, and 1,150 of them were eligible for this immune plasma donation, 500 of these donated immune plasma,” said Kınık. "Currently, 3,500 specialists have come together.”

Immune plasma is currently known to be the strongest weapon against the virus, he said, and very few citizens out of 3,000 refused to donate plasma.

Kınık emphasized that due to the period of isolation blood donation has been decreasing along with stocks of blood.

"In particular, we request our regular blood donors to make their donations from apheresis and platelet donors during this period," he said, noting donors can show appointment text messages to security officials and go to Red Crescent centers to donate blood.