Forest fires erupt in Adana, İzmir provinces

Forest fires erupt in Adana, İzmir provinces

Forest fires erupt in Adana, İzmir provinces

Firefighters are trying to contain a forest fire that erupted in the southern province of Adana and the Aegean province of İzmir.

“We had to evacuate approximately 800 households in six villages in the region. The fire continues in an area of nearly 200 hectares [494 acres],” said Governor Süleyman Elban on the blaze in Adana.

No casualties have been reported so far from the fire, which erupted in the Kuyubeli neighborhood of Kozan district on Aug. 23.

Elban stressed that all measures had been taken to extinguish the fire and keep locals out of harm’s way.

“We think this is an arson attack,” he said, adding that the fire erupted in several points, which increased the probability that it was lit deliberately.

Many teams from Adana, Mersin, Osmaniye and other neighboring provinces were deployed to battle the flames, which have spread with the help of the wind.

Another forest blaze hit the Seferihisar district of the western province of İzmir on Aug. 23, damaging 58 vehicles.

The fire broke out near a beach and grew stronger due to the wind in a short period of time, engulfing vehicles, which beachgoers had parked.

Firefighters eventually doused the blaze which destroyed around 10 hecrates of land.

“We were taken by surprise. We were at the beach and we did not know the fire grew that big. My car is incognizable now. It was black but not it turned to white,” said Murat Coşkun, a witness.