Foreign support focusing now on setting up field hospitals in quake-hit zone

Foreign support focusing now on setting up field hospitals in quake-hit zone

Foreign support focusing now on setting up field hospitals in quake-hit zone

With search and rescue teams leaving Türkiye after a week-long intense work to save lives under the rubble, help from the international community is now focusing on establishing field hospitals in the earthquake-hit region to treat survivors and those injured.

According to the Foreign Ministry, as of Feb. 13, 77 countries were active in the earthquake-hit provinces to support Türkiye’s efforts to help millions of people affected by the massive earthquakes of Feb, 6 in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

Upon an official demand from the Turkish government, some of these countries continue their assistance to Türkiye by establishing field hospitals in different parts of the earthquake-hit region to recover the thousands of wounded. Among these are Spain, France, Iran, India, Malaysia, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Belgium and Russia.

France is building a 100-bed capacity field hospital in Adıyaman, one of the cities heavily hit by the tremor. Two planes carrying medical equipment and other equipment needed for building the field hospital, as well as 87 personnel, arrived in Gaziantep on Feb. 13. The medical facility will be able to treat up to 100 patients per day. France also deployed search and rescue teams to Türkiye.

Spain is also very active in Türkiye since the first days of the disaster. Apart from search and rescue teams who have completed their job, Spain built a field hospital İskenderun, which started its operations on early Feb. 13. Sent by Spain’s International Development Cooperation Agency, the hospital will serve up to 200 patients per day and will be able to conduct surgical procedures. The hospital employs 82 personnel.

Malaysia, Iran and Israel in the field too

Malaysia has also built a field hospital in Türkiye and is planning to erect another one, according to a statement by Chief of Army Gen Tan Sri Zamrose Mohd Zain. He said a team would be mobilized soon to identify a suitable location for the field hospital, in addition to assessing logistical needs, types of assistance and the total number of people who require help.

“The current field hospital has 110 personnel, but this new HMM [Malaysian Field Hospital] is smaller and only for level 2 medical services, namely emergency response,” Zamrose was quoted as saying.

India has set up a 30-bed field hospital in Iskenderun. They use parts of a high-school building in the district, which is heavily damaged by the earthquake.

Israel was among the countries that rushed to the help of the people of Türkiye immediately after the earthquakes by sending search and rescue teams. It is continuing its efforts in Türkiye through a field hospital it set up near Kahramanmaraş, the epicenter of the fatal tremor. It started its operations during the weekend and already treated hundreds of patients.

Another country setting up a field hospital is the United Arab Emirates. Its medical facility is functioning in the Islahiye district of Gaziantep. UAE Foreign Minister Al Nahyan paid a visit to Türkiye’s earthquake-hit regions over the weekend. The country did also send thousands of tons of food and medical supplies.

Iran also set up two field hospitals in Adıyaman. It dispatched humanitarian aid through seven cargo planes and trucks in the aftermath of the earthquakes. In addition, the country opened its airspace and provided free-of-charge transportation to planes, vehicles and ships carrying humanitarian aid to Türkiye.

UK, Belgium, Russia setting up field hospitals as well

The U.K. is also setting up a field hospital in Kahramanmaraş to help provide vital emergency treatment to those critically injured by the catastrophic earthquake in Türkiye. The field hospital, which will include an emergency department, 24/7 operating theatre, and accompanying clinical staff, will deploy to support the post-earthquake response in the country, according to a statement. It will be operational very soon. London also sent humanitarian aid, including thousands of thermal blankets to keep survivors warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Belgium is also setting up a field hospital in the Kırıkhan district of Hatay, one of the most severely affected regions by the devastating earthquake. The hospital can treat more than 100 patients per day and can also accommodate at least 20 patients to spend the night under observation, according to a statement by the Belgian authorities. The team will consist of Belgian doctors, specialized in emergency surgery, supported by emergency nurses and other specific medical profiles.

Russia also set up a field hospital in Kahramanmaraş, only days after Türkiye was hit by the earthquakes. The hospital employs 50 medical personnel, including surgeons and is operating since last week. Russia also delivered humanitarian aid and military equipment to Türkiye.

Poland is in a process of setting up a field hospital in the Göksun district of Kahramanmaraş. The team comprises doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians.