Flamingos in Lake Arin attract shutterbugs, birdwatchers

Flamingos in Lake Arin attract shutterbugs, birdwatchers

Flamingos in Lake Arin attract shutterbugs, birdwatchers

Lake Arin in Türkiye’s east has become the new attraction point for birdwatchers and photography enthusiasts as it hosts hundreds of flamingos during this time of the year.

One side of the lake is in the eastern province of Van’s Erçek district, and the other is in the Adilcevaz district of another eastern province, Bitlis.

“This is an amazing nest for flamingos despite being a small lake,” photography enthusiast Şahin Şerefoğlui told İhlas News Agency on Aug. 30.

“We invite everyone here to see flamingos,” he said but warned to watch the beautiful view while maintaining silence so that the birds do not get disturbed by the presence.

Gürsel Hilmi Koç is another nature lover visiting the lake. “Backdropped by Mount Süphan and located nearby Lake Van [Türkiye’s largest lake], Lake Arin is a marvelous place,” he stated.

The lake is home to all kinds of birds, but it becomes “differently beautiful” with flamingos nesting on the lake, Koç highlighted.

According to locals, Lake Van is the first stop of flamingos migrating from Iran. Then they visit and settle in Lake Arin, making a second stop.
The area of the soda lake is about 13 kilometers long, with a surface elevation of 1,650 meters.

Apart from flamingos, gadwalls, red-crested pochards and ruddy ducks are among the bird species coming to the lake.

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