First racist political party founded in Turkey in 2017, Turks presented as ‘superior race’

First racist political party founded in Turkey in 2017, Turks presented as ‘superior race’

First racist political party founded in Turkey in 2017, Turks presented as ‘superior race’

The Ötüken Union Party – Turkey’s first openly racist political party to run for parliament – was founded on Dec. 20, online publisher Duvar reported on Jan. 5, citing the yearly political party list released by the Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor’s Office.

Ötüken is a legendary capital city in both Turkic mythology and Tengrism, a shamanistic central Asian religion that once prevailed over Turkic states. The party’s mission entails pushing for Turkic values in governance.

Although the party has yet to upload their party constitution onto their website, their program says the party will serve as a platform where Turkish nationals may come together.

In order to be considered a Turkish national, you need to have Turkish parents and Turkish as your mother tongue, according to the party. Alternatively, you should be so “awakened” that you have simply become aware of your innate “Turkishness” as any natural Turk.

The party, which bases its policies on race, has singled out Turks as a superior race, vowing to shut down vocational high-schools, bring back the death penalty, stop the refugee influx and cancel the citizenships of those who have migrated to Turkey from abroad.

The party has also announced plans to have Turkish-only soldiers and police officers, and to ban marriage to foreign citizens under their rule.

Upon the possibility that Ötüken comes to power alone, the party would only allow “pro-Turkish lawmakers” in the political arena and in public offices, according to the report.

The education system would also be cleared of cults and networks, with Turkic languages offered as second language courses in schools under Ötüken’s hypothetical rule.

Ötüken’s statement said the party would remove religion classes from elementary schools.

According to the party constitution, the concept of nationality is the same as race.

“Our holy mission is to raise our race to a higher point. The goal of the Turkish race is to have authority over the entire world,” the program said.

The party also said the union of blood weighs heavier than the union of belief.

Of the current 88 active political parties, Ötüken was one of four political parties founded in Turkey in 2017, according to the official list.

The party’s founding chairman will be M. Hakan Semerci, according to their social media page.