Firms in the pipeline to buy Russian gas

Firms in the pipeline to buy Russian gas

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Firms in the pipeline to buy Russian gas

This file photo shows a worker of a Gazprom subsidiary as he turns off valves on a station. The Russian company is seeking private Turkish gas importers. AFP photo

More Turkish companies have applied to Gazprom to replace state-run Botaş, which is scheduled to cancel its ongoing deal for 6 billion cubic meters of natural gas by the end of the year, according to the Russian company.

The Turkish Energy Ministry announced in September that domestic private companies could buy gas from Gazprom’s West Line because Botaş decided to end a 26-year contract over a price dispute. Until today, 12 firms have joined with Shell Enerji, Eurasian Gas, Bosphorus Gas and Enelko, the current importers.

Gazprom plans to announce its decision on buyers tomorrow, the same deadline for Turkish Energy Market Regulation Association (EPDK) to receive import permit applications.

The EPDK has only received one application but Turkish officials said there were no plans to extend the deadline.

“These types of applications can even be made on the last day and have 10 days after Nov. 23 to provide any missing documents,” an EMRA official said.

The Westline specifically provides gas for Istanbul and the country’s Thrace region