Find love at the French Consulate

Find love at the French Consulate

Find love at the French Consulate Red will soon be the color at the French Consulate/Palais Français for lovers and couples, though not exactly on Valentine’s Day. Instead, on Feb. 12, the hearts will beat to music and romance at the Amour LAB with its theme of “Je t’aime,” organized by a creative team, Hybrid.

As love tends to be full of surprises, expect surprise happenings and gifts, while tasting the most seductive tastes of prosecco and fine wines produced by Chateau Nuzun and Barbare. 

The event, sponsored by Renault Talisman, will host ChocoLAB, FashionLAB, CoffeeLAP, MusicLAB and last but not least, TasteLAB.

Top chef Oliver Pistre of the Shangri La Bosphorus will prepare aphrodisiac tastes while Tuğana Okan of Cutie Cake CO will deliver the sweetest of moments, not to mention the unforgettable kisses or more rightly “baisers” by İpek Bozkurt of Tenti BIG, a new emerging talent in confiserie. 

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