Film team dismisses accusations

Film team dismisses accusations

NEVŞEHİR - Anatolia News Agency
Film team dismisses accusations

Famous Brazilian artists act in the film, which has been made in Cappadocia.

Accusations that a Brazilian documentary film team was working without permission in shooting a story about the life story of St. George in Cappadocia have “sabotaged” the promotion of the Central Anatolian region, according to an individual responsible for the filming.

“I only support the project for the benefit of our country and the region. We have legal permission from the Culture Ministry. [These] claims are all groundless,” said Ziya Daşdeler.

“We cannot promote [Cappadocia] in this way even if we spend millions of dollars,” he said.

The film depicts the life of St. George, who once lived in Cappadocia, and stars renowned Brazilian actors Rodrigo Lombardi, Fernanda Costa Campos Cotote and Tiago Donato Abravanel Corte Gomes.

He said the filming was conducted over a period of three weeks. “They have been working here with a team of 50 people. The biggest Brazilian TV channel, Globo TV, is leading the work. This TV series will be on screen every week for nine months in Brazil,” Daşdeler said.