Famous Turkish footballer reconciles with long-lost brother

Famous Turkish footballer reconciles with long-lost brother

Famous Turkish footballer reconciles with long-lost brother

In a surprising turn of events, famous Turkish footballer Gökhan Gönül, 36, recently learned about a family secret that he has another brother, who he had no idea about, embracing him with open arms.

“We were three siblings until now, but from now on, we are four,” the footballer said, embracing his long-lost brother.

The 27-year-old brother, Can Gönül, who grew up in orphanages, burst into tears as he heard his elder brother’s call to unite with the family.

The tragic story of the country’s one of the best right-backs and his long-lost brother dates back to three decades ago.

After a harsh argument, the father of the family left the house and moved to the northwestern province of Bursa with his three sons and left his wife behind in the Black Sea province of Samsun without knowing that she was two months pregnant.

The mother gave birth to a boy she named “Can” in 1994.She did not say anything to her husband about the birth of their son, taking it as a matter of honor. But in time, she could not afford to feed Can and decided to give him to an orphanage.

Gökhan was just 6 years old when he started his football career in Bursa and 9 when his brother, who he did know about, was given to an orphanage.

Being raised in an orphanage in the northwestern province of Kocaeli, Can watched his elder brother’s improving careers in Turkish giants Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş on TV.

Can established a connection recently with the footballer’s surname and his look-like appearance. Learning that the footballer moved from Samsun when he was a kid, Can followed the traces and found out that he was Gökhan’s real brother.

First, he contacted Turkish media to voice his findings, then on Aug. 23, he participated in a TV show. Gökhan Gönül, who is now playing for Çaykur Rize, contacted the live show on the phone and embraced Can with open arms.

“Come here, my brother. Our father and mother are looking forward to hugging you. We were three siblings. With you, we will be four,” he said.

Can, who got emotional, said: “How will they give me my 27 years back? All I want is my dad and mom.”

The footballer also spoke about how he made efforts to unite his family. “When I was 20, I searched for my mother and found her. Then I reconciled her with my father. They live together since then,” he said.

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