Family moves to Aegean city for son’s education

Family moves to Aegean city for son’s education

Family moves to Aegean city for son’s education

Born and bred in Istanbul, a couple moved to the Aegean province of Muğla for their son’s university education, as they preferred to live a village life rather than the “boring city life.”

Esma Düz, 39, and Mustafa Kemal Düz, 44, realized their dreams of living in a village house in the Aegean region when their son preferred Muğla as a university choice.

After working in corporate companies in Istanbul for many years, the family decided to start their own business after migrating to the village.

They tried to carry out their business as a commuter, but when they established their order in the village, they decided to break their ties with the metropolitan city completely.

The family rented a village house on a five-acre land in the Menteşe district. “Our eldest son goes to university, while our younger son can easily continue his secondary school education.”

The couple said some families buying chicken products such as eggs from grocery stores surprised them the most. Some of the things that come to mind foremost in villages are chicken, fresh daily eggs, daily fresh milk and organic vegetables that can be collected from the garden, they noted.

“We started to make an income from breeding in the second year with six sheep,” they said. “We convey information to people about what can be done with your own efforts in village life and how costs can be reduced.”

The couple also started to make a small income from counseling.

Families who want to migrate to the village should save money as soon as they decide to move and save by reducing all the expenses they find unnecessary, they advised.