Falsafi’s show opens in

Falsafi’s show opens in

Falsafi’s show opens in World-famous Iranian calligraphy artist Amir Ahmad Falsafi’s exhibition “The Magic of the Pen and Calligraphy” opened in Istanbul July 18.

The Istanbul Classic Arts Center and the Islamic History, Art and Culture Research Center are supporting the exhibition at Dolmabahçe Art Gallery. The exhibition features many works of calligraphy by the artist.

Speaking at the exhibition, Falsafi said he was very content to see the interest in calligraphy art. There are many joint artistic and cultural values between Iran and Turkey, Falsafi said. “Not only religion, but also art makes the two countries collide.”

The exhibition will be open until July 26. Falsafi has become established as a master of nestaliq calligraphy.

He has dedicated 30 years to calligraphy and has also spent 22 years teaching at the Iranian Society of Calligraphers. His published works include: “Divan-e Baba Tahir,” 1984; “Sa’di’s Gulistan and Divan-e Hassanzadeh Amoli,” 1985; and “Form and Combination in Nasta’liq,” 1989.