Experts warn of climate change in Turkey as trees bloom early

Experts warn of climate change in Turkey as trees bloom early

Experts warn of climate change in Turkey as trees bloom early

Turkey is leaving the hottest December behind while the experts have warned of the climate change as some trees in Istanbul bloomed early this month.

“Normally, when the temperature is below 10 degrees, leaves fall from trees. When it is about 10 degrees, trees start to bloom. It is not normal to see trees blooming in December,” said Doğanay Tolunay from Istanbul University, stressing that the country was in the middle of a climate change.

“We do not have to look at the poles or the melting icebergs to know global warming. We see it happening on our streets,” he added.

Residents of the metropolis witnessed trees blooming in some neighborhoods in the districts of Şişli, Bayrampaşa and Beşiktaş last week.

“The blooming of trees in December is a sign that we are experiencing a tropical climate,” said Murat Türkeş from Boğaziçi University, adding that Istanbul was going through an ecological imbalance.

“We are not living in the fall or spring anymore,” he stated.

According to Tolunay, one of the reasons for such variations in climate is the lack of afforestation where more and more buildings are being constructed.

“At the end of this century, Istanbul will be 4 degrees hotter. The temperature in the neighborhoods in the city center like Taksim will be 2 degrees hotter,” she noted.

Türkeş warned the officials of the upcoming agriculture problems due to global warming while Tolunay remarked on the economy.

“We will see the impact of global warming in the economy, industry and tourism sectors. We have to take precautions with a plan to combat such problems immediately,” Tolunay said.

According to Tolunay, the country will be facing a sub-tropical weather system in the near future.

“We will experience either long days of drought or long days of precipitation,” she added.