Experts warn against inconsiderate support for quake survivors

Experts warn against inconsiderate support for quake survivors

Emin Mert Kırarslan - İSTANBUL
Experts warn against inconsiderate support for quake survivors

While aid support to the quake zone is still ongoing one month after the disaster, experts warned people about how they should support quake victims in a respectful manner.

Since the first day of the earthquakes, Türkiye has been in great solidarity, yet it has been revealed that some people have offended quake survivors as they have been victimizing them and approaching them with pity.

Experts drew attention to the emotional well-being of quake survivors, as it should be considered in this regard, providing aid and donations should be done in a manner befitting human dignity.

Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Tamer Aker said that along with providing material and financial aid, how the aid is being delivered and put to good use is also important.

He pointed out that some aid materials are lying idle on the streets and roadsides, with quake survivors having to pick and choose from stuff on the ground, which might make them feel like beggars.

He stressed that aid needs to be delivered in accordance with human dignity and respect.

According to Aker, earthquakes and similar disasters destroy the sense of trust in people’s minds and showing support and solidarity is one of the most crucial ways to heal this.

Meanwhile, Istanbul Municipality’s (İBB) coordination center in Yenikapı continues to prepare for March 8 International Women’s Day.

Volunteer workers, whose numbers are gradually decreasing, are working to deliver the parcels specially made for March 8 International Women’s Day to the disaster zone.

About 15,000 hygiene kits containing cleaning materials and hygiene supplies will be distributed to women quake survivors in tents to be set up by İBB in Antakya and Samandağ districts on March 8.

Purple buses, prepared for Women’s Day, will travel to disaster areas and provide psychosocial support to women quake survivors for two months.

Pointing out that there is an urgent need for more volunteer citizens in Yenikapı, and that donations have come to a standstill, the officials called people to help.

The officials stated that the quake zone needs more hygiene materials, drinking water, food and tents.