Experts register butterflies around Lake Van

Experts register butterflies around Lake Van

Experts register butterflies around Lake Van

Butterflies in Turkey’s eastern Lake Van basin, which is home to many living beings with its rich flora, high altitude and unique nature, have started flying as their spawning period begins.

As this spectacular nature event continues with all its impressiveness, nature photographers and butterfly watchers register endemic butterfly species that appear in different periods in the six-month period from April to the end of September every year.

The untouched nature, wetlands and rich vegetation in the region increase the population and species diversity in the basin, said Oktay Subaşı, an academic from Bitlis Eren University.

Underlining that he has been photographing butterfly species in the basin for 20 years, Subaşı stated that endemic and valuable butterfly species such as “Romanoff’s hairstreak”, “Eastern Steppe Festoon” and “Zegris” also live in the Bitlis region and the “Polyglyphine of Rozenin” species in Van province.

“The total number of species in the country is more than 400, and more than 230 of these butterflies have been recorded so far in Lake Van Basin,” Subaşı said.

Not every butterfly is seen in the same season in the same region due to the differing spawning period of butterflies.

Butterflies can fly in different periods according plant types and food plants, according to Subaşı.

Experts are registering butterfly species by touring around Lake Van, the country’s largest lake at certain times of the year.