Expert warns of dust clouds heading from Europe

Expert warns of dust clouds heading from Europe

Expert warns of dust clouds heading from Europe

Dust clouds blowing from Europe will cover Turkey’s sky until the next week, a Turkish academic has said.

An Istanbul-based meteorologist, Hüseyin Toros, told state-run Anadolu Agency that desert dust storms that hit Europe and have been active throughout the week are now heading toward Turkey starting from today.

“Currently, desert dust and sands that are aerated by the low-pressure system formed over North Africa are transported to Europe with the high-pressure area over the continent,” Toros said, adding that the situation experienced is a normal natural phenomenon.

Stressing that Turkey is also under the influence of a high-pressure area, Toros said that desert dust storms would hit the country with a reduced density.

“Desert dust storms will be especially effective by descending towards the southern parts of Turkey due to the prevailing northern winds. It is estimated to lose its influence starting from the north as of the beginning of the coming week,” the meteorologist noted.

Warning that dust storms may cause serious health problems, Toros said that the increase in the density of dust in the air may affect those with respiratory problems.

“Exposure to heavy dust may also negatively affect our immune system. For this reason, it is beneficial for people with health problems to pay attention,” he said.

Last year, a massive dust cloud hit the capital Ankara’s Polatlı district, restricting visibility and disrupting daily life.