Exhibition shows newly-revealed photos of major Turkish victory

Exhibition shows newly-revealed photos of major Turkish victory

Exhibition shows newly-revealed photos of major Turkish victory

An exhibition opened for the centennial of a Turkish victory unveils some of the photographs showing the most difficult moments of the Turkish War of Independence.

The exhibition titled “100th Anniversary of the Battle of Sakarya” is awaiting visitors at the Military Museum in Istanbul’s Şişli district.

Among the documents unearthed in the archives of the Turkish army, there are photographs of the Turkish aviators of that period and the children working in an ammunition factory during the fierce battle.

The exhibition also includes many pieces from the military schemes of the Turkish and Greek armies to the firearms and piercing weapons used.

In addition, a documentary specific to the battle is projected onto the wall of the museum and shown to visitors.

In the dazzling exhibition, thank-you notes for the victory of the war by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, as well as communiqués and remarkable information about the war can be seen.

Communication systems used by the Turkish army and the originals of the orders issued by Atatürk to Refet Pasha (Bele), the then defense minister, regarding the possibility of evacuating Ankara are among the documents in the exhibition.

The 100th anniversary of the Battle of Sakarya, the final major victory against invading Greek forces, was marked this month with ceremonies dedicated to heroes of the War of Independence led by Atatürk.

Fought mainly around Polatlı, now a district of Ankara, the battle drew its name from the Sakarya River that stretches from the northwest to the capital’s borders.

The event will continue to host guests until the end of the year.