Euromos researchers to benefit from lodgings

Euromos researchers to benefit from lodgings

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Euromos researchers to benefit from lodgings

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Lodgings for researchers will soon be established near the ancient city of Euromos, where the Temple of Zeus is located, in the southwestern province of Muğla’s Milas district. 

The head of the excavations, Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University academic Abuzer Kızıl, said the ancient city was formed in the second century B.C. and that excavations restarted in 2011 after a hiatus of 36 years. 

He said cleaning, drilling, geophysics, mapping and excavation works had been carried out since then on the ancient city’s temple, agora, theater, necropolis, bath and walls. 

Euromos researchers to benefit from lodgingsKızıl said that in order to work more effectively, they needed a center from which to coordinate the excavations.

“Following the recent visit of the Cultural Heritage and Museums General Director Abdullah Kocapınar, works have started to establish the facility with an order from Culture and Tourism Minister Ömer Çelik,” he said, adding that this year’s excavation season would start in the ancient city soon. 

“A fully equipped excavation house is very important to carry out successful archaeological excavations. Our team has so far been accommodated in the dormitory of the Milas Education Directorate. Since we were accommodated in the dormitory for some periods of time, we had the chance to work in the summer season for only one month. When the house is done, we plan to continue works at least five-six months a year. We are working to finish the house this season,” Kızıl said.

The approximate cost of the excavation house is 300,000 Turkish Liras and will be established on an area of 700 square meters. 

Kızıl said the house would include rooms for working groups, accommodation, research center rooms, a kitchen and resting areas. “Fifty people will be able to be accommodated in the house at the same time,” he said. 

Euromos researchers to benefit from lodgings

16 columns of Zeus Temple remain standing

Kızıl said Euromos had been revealed thanks to works on the agora, theater and necropolis.

“The necropolis area can be visited by visitors. One of the best preserved temples in Anatolia, the Temple of Zeus, was constructed in the second century A.D. Out of its 17 columns, 16 are still strong. We have very important projects for the temple. There are lots of architectural remains here. The area draws more attention today thanks to our works in the agora and the necropolis,” Kızıl said.

Last year, teams discovered a marble seat that was very close to the stage of the ancient theater, Kızıl said.

“This is a very beautiful, 2,200-year-old seat that was used for nobles. It was found under two meters and is called ‘proedria.’ Most probably, it belonged to one of the leading people [of Euromos]. We will work in the same area this year, too,” he added. 

Kızıl also said they had completed a topographic plan of the ancient city, adding that geophysical examinations had also been made in some areas.