Erdoğan vows harmony in legislature, executive, judiciary organs

Erdoğan vows harmony in legislature, executive, judiciary organs

Erdoğan vows harmony in legislature, executive, judiciary organs

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pledged on May 24 to ensure that the legislature, executive and judiciary organs would work in harmony in the coming period.

“We will do this with your support,” Erdoğan said at a rally in the capital Ankara.

“We will continue after the last 21 years in a different way. We will establish the future of Türkiye. We will establish the ‘Century of Türkiye’ with you,” he said.

Erdoğan recalled that People’s Alliance won 323 seats at the parliament and stressed this was an expression of “confidence” to them.

“What does that mean, we are in the legislature as the People’s Alliance. And our nation has taken the  words ‘strengthen the parliament’ under their feet. They said to continue on the road with the People’s Alliance. They refused offers to return to the old Turkish days,” Erdoğan stated, referring to the opposition bloc’s pledge to introduce strengthened parliamentary system in place of current executive presidential system.

Erdoğan also criticized that the small components of the Nation Alliance, which he said “could not even have 1 percent of support,” were able to have some 40 seats in the parliament and this was an example of lack of capacity of the main opposition party.

“How is that an accountant? Can [Republican People’s Party] CHP survive with this?” he asked, referring to CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu.

The nation showed its will at a rate that “made the European countries jealous of democracy speeches for years,” the president said.

The nation showed on May 18 polls that the “dictatorship rhetoric was a fallacy,” he said. “Will the dictator qualify for the second round? He will finish in the first round. There are many examples of this in the world. We are longing to win the hearts of our nation, not dictatorship,” Erdoğan emphasized.

Türkiye gave an” important test on behalf of our democracy” on 14 May polls, he said.

“Despite the tension policy of the opposition, none of our people got a nosebleed. Despite the executioners of dignity, the nation freely reflected its will to the ballot box,” he added. Türkiye has shown the foresight of the nation to all friends and foes, the president emphasized.

The president urged his grassroots not to be complacent for May 28 polls.

“Remember, our rival on May 28 is not the chairman of the CHP, but complacency, it is to let go. It is ‘we are already ahead, losing ourselves to the feeling that we will win anyway,’” he stated.

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