Erdoğan pledges production of aircraft, automobile engine in Eskişehir

Erdoğan pledges production of aircraft, automobile engine in Eskişehir

Erdoğan pledges production of aircraft, automobile engine in Eskişehir

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has vowed to ensure Turkey will produce aircraft and automobile engines in the Turkish Engine Industries (TEİ).

“I hope we will produce engines of aircrafts, helicopters and automobiles in TEİ,” he said on March 21 at a rally in the central Eskişehir province.

Some circles are trying to confront the Turkish government, Erdoğan said.

The Turkish nation will not pave the way again for any coup attempt or tutelage in this country, he said.

He criticized the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) for constantly questioning the government’s achievements in the past 17 years. “We invested a total of 22 quadrillion Turkish Liras in Eskişehir. We established the third state university in Eskişehir, he said, referring to Eskişehir Technical University built after Anadolu and Osmangazi universities.

He said the government launched a fast-speed train in the Central Anatolian province and that the constructions of new hospital are about to finalize.

“We are opening a dormitory with a capacity of 4,500 beds in Eskişehir and Sivrihisar within a few years. We have provided a stadium with a capacity of 33, 000 seats,” Erdoğan stated.

A “nation’s garden” will be constructed in the city, he said, referring to a government project he envisages for the entire country.

He accused the incumbent mayor of Eskişehir, Yılmaz Büyükerşen, of not embracing the Eskişehirspor football club and said it needed support. “We declared Eskişehir as the educational capital of the Turkish world in 2019.”

He called on the people of Eskişehir to change “the destiny of the province.”

The government has completed the restoration of the Republican History Museum, which is visited by 150,000 people annually he said.

 He also said the government is establishing a national rail system research and test center within Anadolu University.

He also criticized the CHP for sending a team to New Zealand after terror attacks against Muslims in two mosques which claimed 50 lives.

The CHP team‘s visit is symbolic, Erdoğan suggested, noting that the opposition party has taken such a step after seeing the presidential delegation was dispatched to New Zealand.

He once again said the CHP is “allying with the terror groups.”