Environment Ministry to implement new parking regulation for buildings

Environment Ministry to implement new parking regulation for buildings

Environment Ministry to implement new parking regulation for buildings The Environment and Urbanization Ministry will introduce a new regulation regarding an increase in parking lot capacity and it will be compulsory for all buildings to have one parking space for each flat in their apartment, daily Habertürk has reported.

The ministry will implement the regulation as part of moves to increase parking capacity in cities, obligating one parking slot for each flat in newly constructed buildings, instead of the current one parking slot for three flats.   

The ministry will also encourage the building parking lots in the basement floors of apartments. If contractors build parking lots that are two times bigger than the apartment building’s needs in a basement floor, the ministry will omit that parking lot from the regulation.

If a store is opened on the ground floor of a new apartment building, an extra parking lot will be necessary, and if the conditions are not fulfilled a warrant will not be granted, according to the regulation. 

According to the new regulations, the construction of parking lots will also become easier in trade areas.

Parking lots areas will be enlarged to 40 square meters for each flat, according to the new regulation. Parking lots can also be built on the back and side yards and road fronts of the building. 

The new regulation is also aimed at expanding the building of mechanical and multi-storey parking garages, including preparing the legal basis for the building of the kind of steel multi-storey parking garages that are popular in Japan. 

A committee from the ministry visited Japan to examine examples of such parking garages, finding that the operating of such garage systems costs between 2,500 and 15,000 euros for mechanical parking garage systems on small-scale areas. 

Ministry officials also noted that payments are made to local municipalities for each parking slot that is not built.

“Municipalities are obliged to build parking lots on these areas. But with this new regulation, cheaper parking lots will be built for each flat,” officials stated.