Education to start in undamaged schools: Minister

Education to start in undamaged schools: Minister

Education to start in undamaged schools: Minister

Education will be immediately started in undamaged schools, Education Minister Mahmut Özer has stated, adding that his ministry accelerated the process for the transfer of students, teachers and administrative personnel in the region affected by the earthquake to other provinces.

The ministry suspended education in the 10 quake-hit provinces until March 1, while the schools will open their doors in other 71 provinces on Feb. 20.

“As a priority, we will announce the process of assigning our teachers and administrative staff in 10 cities to other provinces as of this weekend. We will start education in undamaged schools as soon as possible,” Özer explained.

Stating that his ministry carries out district-based and school-based evaluations, not province-based, Özer also noted that an announcement will be made about the schools in the earthquake zone when the damage detection studies are completed as of Feb. 17.

“Works on urban planning for more than 10,000 containers have been completed and 1,110 containers have now started to serve our citizens in Malatya,” he said.

The ministry included tent centers, dormitories and container centers established in 10 provinces within the scope of transportation of students to their schools.

“We will take our students who stay in these places to our schools for free and provide them with hot meals,” the minister said.

The ministry also created the capacity to transfer 3.7 million students in primary, secondary and high schools in the quake zone to the other 71 provinces.

“About 4,000 of our teachers are working to improve the psychosocial well-being of our citizens and students,” Özer said.

Meanwhile, the top higher education institution (YÖK) announced that the spring semester will start on Feb. 20 remotely in the other 71 provinces, adding that the date when the universities in quake-affected provinces will reopen will be announced on Feb. 21.

It was also stated that the hybrid option, which also includes face-to-face training, will be evaluated as of the beginning of April.