Education suspended until Feb 20 across country

Education suspended until Feb 20 across country

Education suspended until Feb 20 across country

Education in preschools and primary, secondary and high schools has been suspended until Feb. 20, while the opening of the spring semester of higher education has been postponed indefinitely.

Thousands of students, teachers and educational staff from all over the country have been affected by the two major earthquakes that hit 10 provinces, and many teachers from several districts are participating in the earthquake zone as volunteers, Education Minister Mahmut Özer stated.

“Therefore, in order not to disrupt this process, we are extending the break until Feb. 20 in all schools in Türkiye.”

He stated that as of Feb. 20, education will be continued in 71 provinces.

On the other hand, Özer also stated that they started to work on transferring students in the earthquake zone to schools in other provinces.

There will be no attendance requirement for students in schools that are not damaged by the quakes and where education can continue.

Özer also announced that the questions of the subjects that should be taught in the second semester will not be included in the high school and university entrance exams.

Education in higher education institutions across the country has been also suspended until further notice.