Edirne's historic spaces rearranged into cultural centers

Edirne's historic spaces rearranged into cultural centers

EDİRNE - Anadolu Agency
Edirnes historic spaces rearranged into cultural centers

The historic Macedonia Tower in Edirne will turn into a museum when the work is done. The city aims to become a cultural center in the Balkans.

Works have been continuing to turn historic structures in the northwestern province of Edirne, including the Macedonia Tower, into a museum. 

Edirne Gov. Hasan Duruer said the Thracian city was a place of history, culture and tourism and that the municipality attached great importance to cultural and artistic events, as well as restorations and environmental arrangements. 

“We will start working in the new year to rearrange some historic places. We will do some work in the Şükrü Paşa Museum. Works have also been carried out by the Abdi İbrahim company for the Health Museum. I have informed the prime minister about the situation of the Hıdırlık Bastion. Also, we have works for the Ottoman Civilization Museum,” he said. 

As for the historic Macedonia Tower, Duruer said they had undertaken a project for the tower to become a museum. “On the other hand, some part of the Demircihan could serve as a museum,” he added. 
Duruer said Edirne’s Kapıkule border gate was the second biggest in the world after the Mexican border gate in terms of passenger and vehicle entrance and exit and that many tourists from Greece and Bulgaria came to the city for shopping.

“Tourists mostly come to the city for New Year’s and Easter shopping. They also seek out historic artwork during their shopping. Our goal is to make Edirne the central city of the Balkans,” he said.