Economy, peace needed for agreements: Marmara head

Economy, peace needed for agreements: Marmara head

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Economy, peace needed for agreements: Marmara head

Marmara Group President Suver delivers his closing speech at the summit.

Nations need economic and secure partnerships if they want unity in agreements, Marmara Foundation President Akkan Suver said yesterday during the closing speech of the 16th Eurasian Summit.

Common agreements cannot be reached without fulfilling the economic aspects necessary and securing an environment for partnerships to thrive in, Suver said.

The closing ceremony saw speeches from 10 current and former presidents tackling the issue of unipolarity and multipolarity in the current world order. Suver told guests that the summit, which lasted two days, oversaw three presidents, one autonomous president, nine former presidents, one senate head, two parliamentary heads, one prime minister and 39 ministers as guests.

Suver thanked his guests, as well as his organization team and the crew which worked on site – including translators and police officers.

The summit next year will also take place during the month of April, in between two major elctions in Turkey, Suver said, namely the presidential election, and the election for mayors.