Drug lord detained in hotel lobby in Istanbul

Drug lord detained in hotel lobby in Istanbul

Drug lord detained in hotel lobby in Istanbul

The Afghan leader of a drug and crime organization, “Lions-Cartel,” said to be involved in more than 30 crimes in Germany, has been detained in an operation in Istanbul.

Sanger Ahmadi was caught in a hotel in the metropolis’ Bahçelievler district with four other members of the gang.

According to police sources, Ahmadi was known to be deported from Germany due to crimes in the country.

The gang leader posted some photos on his social media accounts revealing that he was in Istanbul.

Seeing the photos, the chief public prosecutor in the Bakırköy district started an investigation and the anti-organized crime division teams in Istanbul Police Department determined that Ahmadi was accommodating in a hotel.

The teams raided the hotel and nabbed Ahmadi along with the other members, identified only with initials, J.Y., S.V., M.A.D. and O.M. in the lobby.

The police interrogation of the detained suspects is ongoing.

The gang leader had posted photos showing him posing with long barreled weapons or friends at nightclubs.

An opposition lawmaker summitted on Oct. 7 a parliamentary question asking the Turkish Parliament to search how he had entered Turkey after being deported from Germany.

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