'Don't be part of the best kept secret'

'Don't be part of the best kept secret'

Dont be part of the best kept secret

The highest-scoring entrants of the International Property Awards bid to be crowned the ‘World’s Best’ in over 36 categories.

Established 16 years ago, the International Property Awards is the world’s most prestigious competition dedicated to finding the most outstanding property professionals across the globe.

Entrants compete to discover if their endeavors in the fields of architecture, interior design, website design and marketing have the necessary excellence to secure the judging panel’s top marks. 
The highest-scoring entrants from Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, Africa, the United Kingdom and Arabia then go head-to-head as they bid to be crowned the “World’s Best” in over 36 categories covering the residential and commercial property sectors.

The competition rewards innovation and high standards demonstrated by the world’s leading property professionals and aims to help these companies reach new heights.

At this year’s gala events many Turkish firms and hotels received awards and some were chosen the “Best” in several categories.

Dont be part of the best kept secret

“We have seen a significant rise in the quality of product, design and service from Turkey, and this provides an excellent indicator of confidence and talent from Turkey,” said Stuart Shield, the managing director of the organization. 

He explained why it was crucial for more Turkish firms and hotels to enter the competition: “If a competition such as ours inspires architects to showcase their finest work then others may also be spurred on to become more creative. Highlighting and praising the best is important for this reason.” 
The competition publishes a property publication called International Property, which is supplied to 59 airlines. Turkish property is often featured, but mainly resorts rather than property in Istanbul. 

“With lower purchase values, a strong economy and excellent buildings for sale, Turkish property companies could do more to promote their benefits. It is no good being part of the best kept secret. If the community of agents and developers make more impact with their marketing, this will have a positive effect on property values as demand increases,” said Shield.

He also advised never to demolish a building with character and history even if the renovation costs are more than the replacement building. “If the developer has the attitude to knock down and rebuild, the chances are that the new building will be of poorer quality and appearance.

Some very old buildings were built with such high quality workmanship and materials that if they were attempted again today to the same specification, they would cost far more than is economically viable,” said Shield.

Dont be part of the best kept secret

He also pointed out the danger of not being keen on renovation and restoration. “Imagine Paris or London if their heritage buildings were replaced with modern structures. Contrast this thought with Dubai, where a complete new city has been developed with no historic old buildings at all. What these three cities have in common is they all have clusters of iconic buildings built to high standards and design, which in turn possess style.” 

Shield had advice for Istanbul’s redevelopers: “Too many new buildings developed as replacements for historic buildings, or buildings without character, can rip the heart out of the community, and what is a city without community? The main targets for replacement might be buildings from the ’60s and ’70s. Few from this period have any endearing features, and if a finer structure can replace tired, bland or ugly buildings from this era, Istanbul would be the better for it.”

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