Dog takes first steps with new wheels

Dog takes first steps with new wheels

Dog takes first steps with new wheels

A pooch in northwestern Turkey walked for the first time in years after having lost his hind legs, thanks to a local shopkeeper who built a makeshift wheelchair for his canine friend.

İlkkan Demirhan, a spare parts dealer in the province of Edirne, took Boz into care five years ago in a doghouse he built next to his shop.

Wounded after having been shot by an unknown assailant, Boz had to drag himself with his two front legs.

After finding him in this state, Demirhan and his neighbors took him to be operated in a special vet clinic in Istanbul over 200 kilometers (over 120 miles) away, to no avail.

But determined to help his friend, Demirhan set himself to building a contraption to enable Boz once more to run free.

After numerous attempts, he was able to make a pair of wheels that Boz can use by sitting on a system of attachable plastic pipes.

Through this system, Boz was able to walk again.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Demirhan said Boz is a cheerful dog, with or without his wheels.

“With the walker, we shared [Boz’s] excitement. Before the walker, he was only able to straggle around his own area, but now he can roam around. He loves to wander, he’s very happy,” he said.