Dog sounds alarm against child kidnapper in western Turkey

Dog sounds alarm against child kidnapper in western Turkey

Dog sounds alarm against child kidnapper in western Turkey A dog saved a 10-year-old boy from a kidnapper by barking loudly in the Aegean province of İzmir on Sept. 11, local newspaper daily Yeni Asır has reported. 

The heartwarming incident occurred in İzmir’s Hatay district. The 10-year-old boy who was identified by his initials T.F. was playing in the garden of his home. 

The suspect held the boy’s hands up with one hand and closed his mouth with his other hand, so the boy could not make a sound while he kidnapped him.

A dog, named “Karabaş” started to bark loudly and prevented the kidnapping attempt by catching the attention of the boy’s parents.

The mother of the boy, identified by the initials N.F., who was chatting with her neighbors meanwhile, heard Karabaş’s barking and looked towards their home.

The boy’s mother and the other neighbors, caught the suspect while he was trying to escape from the scene.

The suspect entered an apartment while he was trying to run away from the angry crowd, but the neighbors locked the door of the apartment while he was inside and informed the police.

The suspect, identified by the initials R.F., denied the claims, saying he went near the boy because he was afraid of the dog, in his testimony at the İzmir Gaziemir Police Station, but the little boy said he tried to kidnap him with force.

Following the incident, the mother said she was very sensitive regarding child abuse cases and had shared some posts, which she considered important, via her social media accounts.

“My fears have been confirmed. I do not even want to think [what if] Karabaş had not been there,” she said.