Discovered artifact to attract tourists

Discovered artifact to attract tourists

ŞANLIURFA - Anatolia News Agency
Discovered artifact to attract tourists

Minister Günay says the newly found artifact is expected to attract tourists. AA photo

The Culture and Tourism Ministry is ready to present a new, recently discovered historical artifact today, Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay said. Following a presentation of the sculpture’s history, which dates back to the Hittite era, Günay said the ministry will present the new artifact.

Günay visited the town of Harran in the Şanlıurfa province with Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik where they examined the landscaping of Ulu Mosque Sur Dibi, and Yakup Kuyusu in a tour led by the Şanlıurfa museum director.

The culture and tourism minister said he had asked Harran Governor Celalettin Güvenç to protect the historical structure of the town. “We do our responsibility very well in various areas and Harran is the center of science in the world. It hosts one of the biggest universities in the world. It is our responsibility to keep Harran in good condition,” the minister said.

In his speech Günay mentioned a sculpture dating back to the Hittites era which was found in Tell Tayinat Mould in Hatay. “We have worked in Harran for a year and we came across many historical artifacts. We are going to give detailed information about the sculpture in the following days,” he said.
“Minister of Labor and Social Security Çelik”

Çelik said Harran was located in the center of one of the oldest settlements, known as “Fertile Crescent.” Harran is not an ordinary city, but holds a unique place in Turkey’s politics, economics, agriculture and tourism with fusion of yesterday, today and tomorrow, according to Çelik. The labor and social security minister said investments that were planned to be carried out in the town should have been permanent. “Every step we are going to take should be the product of a plan. Otherwise, we fail if we only care about the elections. So we are doing our best and we took important steps. It is a progressive work,” said Çelik.