digitalSSM publishes its first e-book

digitalSSM publishes its first e-book

digitalSSM publishes its first e-book

Sakıp Sabancı Museum’s digitalSSM Archive and Research Space has published its first e-book titled “Technological Arts Preservation.”

The book, edited by Sabancı University’s faculty members Selçuk Artut and Cemal Yılmaz, as well as Osman Serhat Karaman, the director of the digitalSSM, offers international content on its subject matter.

Focusing on art produced with the help of technology, or that requires technology to work, and the cultural institutions responsible for conserving cultural heritage accordingly, the project aims at cooperation and information-sharing between professionals from various disciplines and areas of expertise.

The first chapter of the e-book, brought together as part of this project, presents the topics of media archaeology, internet art and web archiving. The e-book also features 12 articles penned by scholars, including Professor Siegfried Zielinski, the founder of the media archaeology, from prominent institutions, such as Institut national de l‘audiovisuel (INA), Rhizome and ZKM.

The second part chronicles answers of artists, including Alp Tuğan, Bager Akbay, Büşra Tunç, Can Büyükberber, Candaş Şişman, Ecem Dilan Köse, Eda Sütunç, Lara Kamhi, Onur Sönmez, Ozan Türkkan, Refik Anadol and Selçuk Artut to a questionnaire on the preservation of their work.

The third and last part of the publication includes the Technological Arts Preservation events realized in collaboration with Digilogue from 2019 to 2020. This section also features QR codes with links to video documentation of the conferences held as part of the project.

The book titled “Technological Arts Preservation” is published in English and aims to make an original contribution to the efforts of carrying digital art’s heritage into the future and constitute a well-rounded source of reference. The publication is available for free in both PDF and EPUB formats on the museum’s website: