Despite crisis, Turkey still aid generous

Despite crisis, Turkey still aid generous

ANKARA- Hürriyet Daily News

Turkey has donated nearly a billion dollars to countries in need last year, despite difficulties created by the global economic crisis. The government is planning to increase donations to the least developed and underdeveloped countries with considerations to be re-elected as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for the period of 2015-2016.

Donations by the government reached $967 million in 2010, with the number rising to $1.7 billion taking into consideration donations made by the private sector, NGOs and development assistance groups in countries such as the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa and Central Asia, the Anatolian News Agency reported.

According to the report, donations made to countries in such regions as the Middle East, the Balkans, Africa and Central Asia exceeded expectations in light of the global economic crisis, rising 36 percent compared to the previous year.

In 2005, Turkey donated $601 million in aid to other countries. The number rose steadily in the following years, adding up to a total of $4.4 billion.

From last year’s donations, $626 million went to technical cooperation projects, $481 million went to improving social infrastructures, $23 million went to economic infrastructures, and $111 million went to improving production.

Turkey plans on furthering donations and aid to other countries in accordance with its foreign policies, while encouraging the private sector to volunteer in international cooperation projects.