Demonstrations against Russian invasion continue

Demonstrations against Russian invasion continue

Demonstrations against Russian invasion continue

Protests against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continue in major Turkish cities as it is reported that the death toll as a result of the military offensive has been increasing gradually.

Hundreds of Ukrainian citizens gathered in front of the Russian Consulate-General on Istiklal Avenue, one of the busiest hubs of Istanbul, and protested the Moscow administration.

Noting that this war did not only take place between the two countries but that it would affect the entire world, including Turkey, demonstrators called out to families of Russian soldiers participating in the offensive.

Making a speech at the protest where “Killer Putin” and “No to war” slogans were chanted, Aliya Usenava addressed Russian families and urged them to take action for their children on the battlefield.

“Come take your children from our land. Take them while they’re still alive, or you’ll take their dead bodies. Our Defense Ministry has opened an emergency line for you. Call and ask,” she said.

Calling on world countries, the spokesperson said: “Do not think that everything will end in Ukraine. If it ends, it will end with our war. We are ready to die, but you will think whether it will be your turn.”

Reminding that there are currently 600 Turkish students waiting to be evacuated in Ukraine, Usenava invited Turkish people to take action.