‘Death-loving’ man surprises bystanders by ‘neutralizing bomb’

‘Death-loving’ man surprises bystanders by ‘neutralizing bomb’

‘Death-loving’ man surprises bystanders by ‘neutralizing bomb’

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Impatient at the tardy arrival of bomb disposal experts at the location of a suspicious package in Istanbul, a passerby caused public alarm by simply throwing away the object in question from an overpass in Şişli.

Two masked men hung a banner on the overpass in Şişli early on May 25, according to Doğan News Agency. Noticing the suspicious package dangling from the banner, bystanders called police and stopped using the overpass. 

Musa İnanç, however, balked at waiting the 10 minutes for the bomb disposal squad; instead he walked up the overpass, removed the banner and disposed the package. 

Police arrived at the scene shortly afterward, and bomb disposal experts detonated the package with a fuse, confirming that it did not contain any explosives.

“It would take 10 minutes for the police to arrive. So I removed the package myself to prevent – God forbid – possible casualties,” İnanç said.

“I have dodged death several times. I don’t fear death. If one fears death, he shouldn’t live at all,” he said. “I am a person who loves death. If anything like this happens again, I would take the bomb and explode it on myself.”

‘Death-loving’ man surprises bystanders by ‘neutralizing bomb’  ‘Death-loving’ man surprises bystanders by ‘neutralizing bomb’