Danish couple touring on bikes reaches Istanbul

Danish couple touring on bikes reaches Istanbul

Danish couple touring on bikes reaches Istanbul

A Danish couple has reached the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul on bikes, having pedaled some 9,000 kilometers in seven months.

Jonas Schneeberg, a thrillseeker working as a nurse in Denmark, and his fitness adviser girlfriend, Fie Frederiksen, started their adventurous journey last year after deciding to tour Europe on two wheels.

After wandering in several countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy and Greece, during their journey, the duo finally reached Turkey and now aims to travel around Istanbul for a week and enjoy the city.

“The most interesting city for us was Istanbul. A city where east and west, Christianity and Islam meet. It’s felt everywhere,” Frederiksen told.

Stating that they traveled about 9,000 kilometers before arriving in Istanbul and that they finally reached the city they found fascinating, Schneeberg underlined mostly the familiar elements of metropolitan life.

“Istanbul is very crowded. Music sounds, car sounds, people’s voices intermingle. A very different harmony emerges,” Schneeberg said.

The couple, who are currently staying in the Karaköy quarter on the city’s European side, will return to their country via Bulgaria and Balkan countries by bicycle.