Cross-country rally route to promote Anatolia

Cross-country rally route to promote Anatolia

Cross-country rally route to promote Anatolia

TransAnatolia Rally Raid, a unique cross-country organization, will promote Turkey’s natural beauties and historic assets, along with contributing to the country’s recognition in motor sports, according to the organizers of the event.

The 2,300-kilometer race will begin in Abant in the northwestern province of Bolu on Aug. 24 and will make its way across Central Anatolia’s moors and breathtaking sceneries before finishing at the Göbeklitepe historic site in the southeastern province of Şanlıurfa on the last day of the month.

“We are trying to attract nature friends with a spirit of adventure,” TransAnatolia coordinator Burak Büyükpınar told Hürriyet Daily News, praising the route for a diversity of nature conditions that is unlikely in similar races abroad.

Cross-country rally route to promote Anatolia

TransAnatolia will be the sixth greatest rally organization in the world and is a candidate for the International Automobile Foundation (FIA) World Cup qualification, Büyükpınar said.

“If the application is approved by the FIA for the 2019 TransAnatolia, Turkey may have the chance of hosting a second FIA organization after the World Rally Championship,” he added.

The event will also be beneficial to surrounding areas of the route, the organizers believe.

“For the seven days that the event takes place, race cars, equipment and technical service will be moving around the areas and will help boost economic activity,” Büyükpınar said.

Famous racers from around the world will participate in the event. For the first time, France has emerged with a strong team. Yves Tartarin, who has previous experience in Dakar, and Cedric Duplé, who is competing abroad for the first time, will race in the SSV category with a Suzuki 1000 GSXR Steenbok. The experienced Marino Mutii will also no longer be participating alone as he has decided to join the race with Guilio Verzeletti, who has participated in many international rally races before, will experience Turkey’s challenging, yet beautiful terrain for the first time.

“There has also been a positive increase in the number of women participants in TransAnatolia over the years. For the 2019 event, three women have been confirmed to be racing in the motorcycle category of the race and another woman awaits confirmation. Our three women contestants have also competed in MotorRally World before,” Büyükpınar added.

Cross-country rally route to promote Anatolia

More than 100 contestants from around 20 countries across the world will race in the categories of ATV, SSV, 4X4 vehicles and trucks.

Some 170 employees and volunteers are taking part in the organization.

The participants in the race are estimated to spend around 5,000 euros to 10,000 euros per capita, the organizer said.