Couples race to enter wedlock on Feb 22

Couples race to enter wedlock on Feb 22

Couples race to enter wedlock on Feb 22

Couples across the country flocked to local marriage offices to tie the knot in holy matrimony on Feb. 22, a date which numerologists considered lucky for getting married.

According to numerologists, the number “2” brings “balance, partnership, patience, cooperation and sensitivity,” and as the date indicated numerological order of 22.02.2022, it summed up as a perfect time to enter wedlock. Also, the repeat of twos in 22.02.2022 is believed to bring happiness in marriages.

“I solemnized 15 couples in six hours,” a registrar general of marriages in Istanbul’s Avcılar’s district told Demirören News Agency late on Feb. 22.

On this specific day, all eyes were on the northwestern province of Edirne, which has a vehicle registration code of 22.

“The number of the couple solemnized in Edirne on Feb. 22 was 22,” a source said. The 22nd marriage ceremony in Edirne was performed by Recep Gürkan, the city’s mayor.

“We will never forget our marriage date,” said Turkish bride Aslı Azapağası who tied the knot with her American groom, Ethan Champagne.

“We are a lucky couple,” Champagne added.

Earlier, the city council of the province announced that 2022 will be the “Year of Edirne,” as it marks the 100th anniversary of “liberation from the enemies.”

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