Concerts organized for earthquake survivors

Concerts organized for earthquake survivors

Concerts organized for earthquake survivors

Celebrated names of the art world are working to heal the wounds of the disaster, organizing solidarity concerts or bringing supplies to the region for earthquake survivors.

Türkiye’s world-renowned pianist Fazıl Say supported the “One Rent One Home” campaign launched by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for earthquake victims. He is also organizing two solidarity concerts with Serenad Bağcan in İzmir. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the earthquake zone.

Say and Bağcan will take the stage on March 4 at Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center.

Stating on his social media account that the concert tickets were already sold out, Say thanked the people of Izmir for their interest.

Say also announced that he will also give a concert in Europe to collect aid for earthquake survivors, saying: “During these difficult days, we will organize charity concerts in cooperation with international aid organizations and important concert halls of European capitals in a very short time, to deliver aid to the earthquake region.”

Another solidarity concert to be organized for the earthquake survivors will take place at Moda Sahnesi.

In the event, which will start on March 9 and continue through midnight, Aga B, Baba Sad, Birileri, Cahit Berkay, Can Güngör, Ceylan Ertem & Cenk Erdoğan, Chromas Choir, Güneş Özgeç, Lara Di Lara, Nilipek, Nova Norda, Paptircem, Parham A.G. Şehir Çocukları, Samet Çiçek, Second, Selin Sümbültepe, Selût, Simge Pınar, Souffle and SUH.EYL will take the stage.

Also, Tunisian musician Lütfi Boşnak recently took the stage at a concert series initiated by the Tunisian Culture Ministry as part of the aid campaigns for earthquake survivors in Türkiye and Syria.

At the concert held at the Tunisian Culture Palace, the artist sang the song “One Body: A Letter to Those Under the Ruin,” which he composed for earthquake survivors.