Concert for Atatürk in Germany

Concert for Atatürk in Germany

ADANA - Anatolia News Agency
Concert for Atatürk in Germany

Conductor Betin Güneş has written composition ‘Atatürk Yaşıyor.’ The premiere will be made in Cologne. DHA photo

The Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra (ÇDSO) will premier the symphony “Atatürk Yaşıyor” (Atatürk lives) Nov. 10 in Cologne.

Conductor Betin Güneş, who wrote the composition, said the orchestra would visit Cologne Nov. 1 to 11. The orchestra will organize Atatürk commemoration concerts in the cities of Bonn and Aachen.

They plan to present Çukurova and the orchestra in three concert halls in Germany, Güneş said. “This is the best way to present the region and the orchestra with this composition.”

The composition will prove that there are really good composers in Turkey, Güneş said. ”I am the only composer who has written 17 symphonies in Turkey. Composing 17 works does not mean that a person is very good.”

“We are going to Germany on tour because the country has contributed great value to classic music.”
“Germany is the center of classic music and among all the cities in Germany, Cologne is the center of classic music.”

“Music is not like politics. There are no interests and benefits in music. With good music anything is possible.” The composition will commemorate Atatürk and present Çukurova in Germany, he said.

The composer added that it was very important for an orchestra to go on international tours, which the ÇDSO has not done for 10 years.

ÇDSO manager Okan Urşan said a concert to commemorate Atatürk would be performed in Adana before the concert in Germany.