Communications head slams France over controversial bill

Communications head slams France over controversial bill

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Communications head slams France over controversial bill

Turkey's communications director on July 24 criticized France's parliament for passing a controversial bill, stressing that it would further marginalize Muslims and other religious minorities.

Fahrettin Altun said on Twitter that though France claims to be based on the principles of freedom, equality, and fraternity, it has increased interference in the way of life of religious minorities through the bill adopted on July 23 in a bid to keep radical Islam and extremism in check.

This initiative, which aims to bring religious minorities under control, will further marginalize Muslims, Altun underlined, saying: "This new law, totally contrary to France's so-called fundamental principles, legalizes Islamophobia and restricts the freedoms of religious minorities."

States have great responsibilities in these times when attacks against Muslims in Europe are increasing, he said, adding that Turkey will continue to closely follow developments concerning the bill.

The so-called anti-separatism bill was adopted in parliament by a final vote of 49-19, with five abstentions.

It may have to pass the final hurdle of the Constitutional Council - the highest constitutional authority which has the right to overrule provisions of the approved bill.

Several parties have opposed the bill's text and threatened to seek recourse from the council on what they deem as discriminatory provisions, particularly those related to the prohibition of homeschooling.​​​​​​​