‘Commitment’ Turkey’s Oscar entry

‘Commitment’ Turkey’s Oscar entry

‘Commitment’ Turkey’s Oscar entry

Director Semih Kaplanoğlu’s film “Bağlılık Aslı” (Commitment) was announced on Aug. 24 as Turkey’s Oscar entry for the 92nd Academy Awards under the category of Best Foreign Language Film Award.

The film was selected from 11 films by a committee of 13 people, including Culture and Tourism Ministry Directorate of Cinema officials and cinema professionals.

Written and directed by Kaplanoğlu, the film is stars Kübra Kip and Ece Yüksel along with Umur Kurt, Almina Kavcı, Merve Şeyma Zengin, Jale Arıkan and Osman Alkaş. The director of photography of the film is Andreas Sinanos and Anjelika Akbar is the music director.

The film features the dilemmas of being a woman and mother in the modern world and its reflections on women’s relationship with their immediate surroundings. After giving birth, Aslı finds a young babysitter, Gülnihal, who also has a baby. With Gülnihal’s coming, Aslı begins to confront even the secrets she has hidden from herself.

The film will be released in Turkey on Sept. 20.

The 92nd Academy Awards is set to be organized in February 2020.