Coastline reopened to public amid demolition of skyscrapers

Coastline reopened to public amid demolition of skyscrapers

Coastline reopened to public amid demolition of skyscrapers


The northern province of Ordu's seaside plot witnessed the demolition of problematic high-rise buildings, giving way to a new public social facility.

The plot in Ordu’s Kirazlimanı neighborhood, which was put up for sale through a tender by the municipality in 2018, was eventually given to a consortium company.

In 2018, the construction of three 17-story buildings was started.

Hilmi Güler, elected as the mayor of Ordu after the local elections in 2019, stated that the buildings disrupted the silhouette of the city and were built illegally, and brought the issue to the municipal council.

The municipality demanded the demolition of the buildings on the grounds that the construction was within the coastal edge line.

At the end of the court, a demolition order was issued for the construction.

To replace the buildings, the municipality prepared a project called "Çamlık Köşk Social Facilities" to open the area to the public.

With the project implemented on an area of 14,000 square meters, a walking path, playground, tea garden, parking lot, exhibition hall and meeting rooms were built. Afforestation works in the area were also completed.

Managing to reunite the locals of the region with the sea, the municipality organized an opening ceremony for the area, which was attended by Governor Muammer Erol, Güler and many other people.

“We demolished those buildings with a court decision taken because they exceeded the coastal edge line. Then, we opened this area to public use again. We will utilize this area with many different establishments in the future. In this area, citizens will be able to swim in the sea, relax on the beach and enjoy the sea and nature with their families. I hope that this area will be beneficial to our city,” said Güler during his speech at the opening ceremony.

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