CHP slams Yıldırım’s remarks on ‘thievery in the polls’

CHP slams Yıldırım’s remarks on ‘thievery in the polls’

CHP slams Yıldırım’s remarks on ‘thievery in the polls’

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) spokesperson Faik Öztrak has condemned Binali Yıldırım, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) mayoral candidate for Istanbul, over his accusations that CHP was ‘stealing votes.’

“AKP’s candidate is saying ‘They stole the votes.’ All of the Supreme Election Council [YSK], police forces, judges and prosecutors are at your command. You have over 280,000 people in charge in the polls,” Öztrak said at a press meeting in capital Ankara on May 13.

“You have been in power for 17 years. Pardon me, but if there is a thievery in the polls, only you could have done it. Those pilfering the elections are now accusing us of stealing votes,” he said.

Öztrak recalled Yıldırım’s former posts as transportation minister, prime minister and parliamentary speaker, saying it is “saddening” that someone who had these duties has made such accusations. 

The party spokesperson’s condemnation came after Yıldırım said: “The election is canceled because they stole the votes” in response to a citizen asking about the re-election.

Öztrak also questioned why the YSK still has not announced its detailed ruling, claiming the body is in a bid to “buy AKP some extra time.”

“The butchers of democracy and law, who could not steal votes on election night, usurped the elected [Ekrem] İmamoğlu’s mayoral certificate with the coup they staged in the polls,” he said.

“It is not possible for them to find a legal disguise for revoking Ekrem İmamoğlu’s mayoral certificate,” he added.

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