CHP curses coup attempt, calls on gov’t to remain within justice

CHP curses coup attempt, calls on gov’t to remain within justice

CHP curses coup attempt, calls on gov’t to remain within justice

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Turkey’s main opposition party has cursed the foiled coup attempt that targeted the country’s democracy, while also calling on the government to stay within the boundaries of justice while cracking down on the plotters. 

“We curse the coup attempt against our democracy conducted by a faction within the Turkish Armed Forces [TSK]. The political parties, lawmakers and our people stood against this group whose actions did not suit the honor and uniform of the Turkish Army. The democratic culture based on our parliamentary democracy quashed this coup attempt,” the party assembly and parliamentary group of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) said in a written statement after an extraordinary meeting on July 17. 

The Turkish people had introduced another example of how to resist a coup, either a civilian one or a military one, the statement read, adding the media’s role in avoiding the coup was also key despite pressure on free press. 

“The next job is to strengthen democracy and provide social normalization, as well as bring the plotters to account,” the CHP said, adding that this legal work should be conducted within the boundaries of law in order to not degrade Turkey’s credibility. 

‘It should not turn into a witch hunt’

“Plotters and all their affiliates should give account before the courts within the legal order. Turning this legal process into a witch hunt by going beyond the constitution and laws would put [the government] into the same position as those who attempted to stage the coup,” it said. “Investigations should not be seen as an opportunity for revenge and purging.”

Attempts to lynch privates should also be investigated as a legal necessity, it said. 

Politics and state bodies are responsible for nixing any effort or initiative to depict the TSK as an enemy or further polarize society, the CHP stated. “Our future is in full democracy. As the CHP, it’s our open call to all political parties: We are ready to exert any effort for a strong parliamentary system and a pro-freedom democracy. This is our historical responsibility.” 

In the meantime, the CHP’s central decision-making body convened on July 18 to discuss the developments after the coup attempt.