Challenges, opportunities that Europe face

Challenges, opportunities that Europe face

Challenges, opportunities that Europe face Problems that the European Union faces were a top topic at a special session at the Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul on April 5. 

Edita Tahiri, Minister for Dialogue of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, has called on the European Union to act in a more strategic way. 

“Because, twenty years passed after the war and we are still not included in the EU despite the fact that we are a member to it,” she said, while addressing a session titled “Challenges That European Union Faces and Its Future Concens. 

The European Union has changed the history of Kosovo in a positive way. 

Tahiri said the states that emerged after the collapse of Yugoslavia have not gained a sustainable governance yet an the superiority of law in these countries is still too fragile. 

The eastern Balkan countries expect more from the EU, she said. 

She also criticized the new generations for laziness. 

Kosovar Minister of Public Administration Mahir Yağcılar said Europe should display more unity and solidarity at a time when the world needs peace and justice.

The Kosovar government has built up a reform agenda for harmony with the EU laws, he said. 

“I believe that these developments are important for the EU.” 

Europe is today facing a crisis, which shakes its values and principles of foundation, according to Youssef Amrani, Kingdom of Morocco state minister. 

”I speak as a neighbor to EU from the south,” he said, adding that his country wants to see a strong Europe. 

“Social and economic development and sustainability is very important,” he said. 

“What we see today is that the European states do not have a common idea. There is not a political will,” he said. 

Montenegro Health Minister Kenan Hrapovic said globalization offers new opportunities along with posing new risks. 

The world should immediately act for security, calling for cooperation. 

He said infections, illnesses and bio-terrorism are among rising health risks beside other security threats.