Central Anatolia’s İmranlı district to open to tourism

Central Anatolia’s İmranlı district to open to tourism

Central Anatolia’s İmranlı district to open to tourism

Within the scope of a project, efforts are being made to bring the Central Anatolian province of Sivas’s İmranlı district into tourism after the rehabilitation and restoration of the Kızılırmak river basin, local authorities have said.

“We started rehabilitation works on the river on March 23 and finished on April 19,” said Hüseyin Çamkerten, the district governor, adding that around 400 trucks of waste were collected from the river.

Kızılırmak, which means “Red River” in English, flows for a total of 1,355 kilometers, making it the longest river in the country.

A total of 1,000 square meters of the area was cleaned, and the maintenance of three bridges in the district was carried out as part of the works.

In the scope of a new environmental plan, the local authorities want to make walking paths, create green spaces and parks alongside the river.

“We wanted İmranlı to look more beautiful. This district is the point where Kızılırmak originates. The river will serve its land of birth from now on,” Çamkerten said.

Saying that the district will be a place where families will have the opportunity to walk along the river in peace and enjoy the scenery, the governor said that the works have been ongoing.

“Before constructing walking paths, we target to increase the water quality of the river with some new projects,” he added.

Çamkerten also highlighted that logs of trees collected during the rehabilitation process were delivered to people in need to help them keep their homes warm in winters.

“We will also plant some pine trees on areas where we collected these trees,” he said.

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