Celebrities ‘pray’ for Turkey

Celebrities ‘pray’ for Turkey

Celebrities ‘pray’ for Turkey

Renowned celebrities from across the globe have come forward in support of Turkey in its fight against wildfires, sharing their heartfelt messages on social media.

“Poor planet is crying. Let’s save the mother Earth,” wrote British singer Dua Lupa, adding, “Turkey, I am with you.”

U.S. model Bella Hadid posted a message on Instagram saying, “I love you Turkey,” while Italian actress Michele Morrone said, “I’m near Turkey. Soon this will end.”

British F1 pilot Lewis Hamilton uploaded a photo from a residential area on fire in Turkey, saying, “Praying for Turkey and the planet.”

The latest star praying for Turkey was Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó. Sharing a wildfire video, she put a praying emoji on her Instagram post on Aug. 3.

In her latest post on Aug. 3, Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó posted a wildfire video with a praying emoji on Instagram.