Cartoons at Turkey’s e-magazine

Cartoons at Turkey’s e-magazine

ESKİŞEHİR - Anatolia News Agency
Cartoonists from dozens of countries have united to create Fenamizah, which is billed as the first international online humor magazine.

The online magazine’s editor-in-chief, Aziz Yavuzdoğan, who is also the general-secretary of the Cartoonists Association, said they started the project because of increasing publishing costs and so that they could reach a wider audience.

“A humorist can do anything anytime. And we created an international magazine through the Internet,” he said.

The magazine brings together 65 cartoonists from 40 countries for each edition.

Yavuzdoğan said the slogan of the magazine was “let’s think what we laugh at,” and that they did not support any ideology but had received favorable responses from all sections of society.

The 48-page e-magazine, which published its eighth edition this month, included English and Turkish cartoons, as well as drawings without dialogue.

Besides well-known cartoonists from Turkey and abroad, young cartoonists are also working for the e-magazine, Yavuzdoğan said. The magazine can be read for free at