Car bombing kills one, injures 28 in Hakkari

Car bombing kills one, injures 28 in Hakkari

HAKKARİ - Doğan News Agency
Car bombing kills one, injures 28 in Hakkari

University student Zeki Yeşil, 22, who lost his life in the bombing was laid to rest in peace Jan 20. 28 people are injures as a result of the incident. AA Photo

One civilian was killed and 28 were wounded Jan. 19 after alleged members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) detonated a remote-controlled bomb as a police vehicle was passing by in the eastern province of Hakkari.

University student Zeki Yeşil, 22, was critically injured in the blast and succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

“Citizens passing through the area were injured [during the incident]. I wish them a speedy recovery. Three police officers inside the vehicle were [also] injured at that moment. Examinations conducted by security forces indicate this explosion was [engineered] by the PKK,” Hakkari Gov. Muammer Türker said. However, the outlawed organization denied the claims on Jan 20 in a press statement.

The explosion that rocked Bulvar Avenue in downtown Hakkari at 5:35 p.m. on Jan. 19 caused the police bus to roll over, injuring the three officers inside the vehicle, as well as 25 passersby in the area.
Some 300 demonstrators who arrived on the scene after the incident also clashed with the police. Following an exchange of rocks and teargas between law enforcement officials and the protesters, further reinforcements were called into the area.

The crowd was eventually dispersed after police forces intervened with pressurized water cannon and gas bombs.

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