Camera traps snap photos from wildlife

Camera traps snap photos from wildlife

Camera traps snap photos from wildlife

Camera traps placed in a national park in the western Black Sea province of Düzce have recorded the daily lives of animals living in their natural habitats.

The General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks shared the images of wildlife going on in the forests.

The images also included species such as the endangered lynx and the red deer.

Animals such as roe deer, wolves, foxes and rabbits were also caught on camera, along with bears that emerge from hibernation and search for food.

The images showed a bear standing around the camera, scratching her back against a tree and her efforts to find food in nature with her cub.

The bears’ breeding status, nests and feeding activities are constantly monitored thanks to the camera traps.

Camera traps are of great importance in terms of inventory and monitoring studies carried out in order to protect the wildlife diversity of Turkey and to ensure its sustainability.

Wildlife is recorded with camera traps that have the ability to shoot in a very short period of time by perceiving the movement of living things.

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